Miriam had been a smoker for forty years and was aware that she had been putting her life in danger. She was also concerned about the unattractive aspects of smoking such as the smell of tobacco, stained teeth and bad breath.

She came for a detailed consultation, during which I could assess her level of motivation. Miriam’s was high, which is an absolute necessity for us to proceed.
I was also able to assess some of Miriam’s preferences, so that I could tailor the script to be as effective as possible. One example is finding out about a place special to Miriam, so that we can use that in the session. We also discussed some hypnotic techniques we were going to use.

We proceeded with a full hypnosis session, which was personalised for the client.
Miriam told me afterwards that she found the experience to be very relaxing and therapeutic.

A few months later I heard that she was still a non-smoker.
One session of hypnosis had been enough.


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